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Put your visual memory, concentration, speed, logical thinking and numeracy to the test with our BRAND NEW GAME – The Mindster Quiz. Quick. Tense. Fun. Addictive. With no language barrier! This is a game that everyone will love playing!

Mindster Quiz includes four brain-teasing, nonverbal, endlessly replayable games (Memory, Scales, Mastermind and Fingers), allowing very limited time to think and respond. Each game lasts about a minute. Therefore, this is the perfect short break from the everyday hustle and bustle.
Connect through Facebook or play as a guest. Challenge your friends or let us pick you a competitor. Unlock achievements, collect points and grow through the ranks. Lastly, be proud of your progress and share it on social media.


Love it. A good way to pass the time and keep you thinking.

I love this game!

Another brill game, keep them coming!

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