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WORDS 4 DIAMONDS is an incredibly entertaining highly addictive word association game. Practice your word assembling skills, sharpen your mind by discovering the secret word that connects given terms and steal The Golden Jubilee, the world’s largest diamond!

You’ll need more than a lock pick and a screwdriver to crack the safe and collect the treasure. Use your brains to find the word related to all four hints. Be faster and wiser than your opponent. Use collected gems to make your own jewels, and add them to your collection.  Once you are done, move to another town and keep breaking into safes around the world. Rank up, play tournaments, and of course, share your achievements on Facebook.

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Super fun, addicting and very relaxing game. You can’t stop playing it.”

Great game! Expand your mind.”

GREAT GAME! Once you figure out how to play this game, it’s really fun.”

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