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Join our sharp-minded community and try to crack each of the mushroom boards out there. All you need to do is to connect mushrooms of the same color and make as many horizontal lines disappear. Mushroom Mania will make you ponder each move thoroughly.

From the creators of Brainster comes another mind-twister – Mushroom Mania! Play with mushrooms in this tetris-like saga, discover new boards, and exercise your brain. Pick one mushroom and drag it to another of the same color, leaving a path of the “inactive mushrooms”. They all become active and disappear once you fill up the entire row. Sounds easy? Don’t be so sure. There might be a few or even only one way to solve each puzzle. If you get stuck, simply use some of the power-ups and keep playing.

Mushroom Mania Logo

“Excellent for practicing fast fingers!”

Incredibly addictive game! Absolute recommendation!”

“This game is so awseome, I can play it all day long!”

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